Rising not starting?

Um… why is Rising not playing???

Per Josh Newman he had a “sleeve” on his knee tonight, the same knee was wrapped Monday during media interviews

Thanks for the info. Hope he’s okay!!!

Hopefully a strained tendon and needs some TLC?

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Barnes looks like he is working out early game jitters and has better touch on his passes. I think the Utes still win big!

Not unless rhe D can play better than that last drive. WSU QB yet to throw an incomplete pass

Looks like they hired a Pullman high school A/V club to operate the cameras tonight.


Yeah, the announcers were so so, camera crew and production seemed sub-par. Petros shows why he doesn’t get the “big” games. He isn’t very good.


I really liked Petros when he worked with Barry Thompkins, the old boxing broadcaster. Thompkins would be talking, I’d be thinking “this guy’s got quite the nasal accent going on”, then Petros would start talking, … and I would just laugh.

“Are these guys in some kind of weird competition to see who sounds the weirdest?”


This DN article says it was Rising who made the call 30 minutes before KO.

Bryson Barnes replaces Cam Rising, leas Utah football to win - Deseret News

It wouldn’t surprise me if Rising, not quite 100%, thought “I trust Bryson and we need to get a team win”. He’s such a cool, calm, collected competitor - it wouldn’t be surprising if he made that chess move.

Understated part of the story - Nate Johnson is getting super-high quality tutelage from Rising, Ludwig, he’s seen Barnes battle through after finding out 30m before KO, and now he’s seen how a game is won at Pullman in late October, when it’s a lot chillier than SoCal.


Someone please tell me Barnes finally has a scholly. If his family has been impacted by the pig farm closing, like all of Milford, they need the relief.


Excellent point. Kid saved our biscuit and almost one the Rose bowl. In this day and age he could have bolted to another program, instead, he’s a steely-eyed missle man with excellent understanding of the playbook and a great relationships with Cam, the team and coaches.


I don’t know who plans Talking Ute’s, and how far in advance it’s done, but I’d personally love to hear Barnes as the first guest next Sunday.


Petros is actually a lot better (in terms of knowledge) than a lot of the commentators on several networks. My complaint last night was simply that his voice is so grating (at least to me) that after a while I’m tempted to turn the volume down.


Having lived on and off a lot in Southern California, I’ve grown to like him. Petros is an acquired taste.

I like him. I used to like Petros and Money (or whatever it was) He is definitely a so cal homer. I love how he always identifies which town and hs a so cal kid comes from. its in his blood.

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I’ll go a step further. The announcers were insufferable and couldn’t even be bothered to show up in person. The production quality made “the Mtn” look world class. The camera operators were incapable of figuring out play action, the graphics were shoddy and irrelevant, and the halftime show was just some pre-recorded drivel.

It’s rich that Petros and Levering, our armchair Zoom heroes, had the gaul to b!+ch about not being informed about Cam. Our coaches didn’t even know until 30 min before kickoff. Can you see Kyle… “Wait, Cam’s not playing? Get Petros on the horn, right f##ing now!” :roll_eyes:


In fairness that is hardly their call to make and it’s no different than a boss telling someone to do it by Zoom rather than flying somewhere in order to save money.


Yeah poor/lazy wording on my part… since my post is referring to FS1’s shoddy broadcast as a whole, I should have said “Fox couldn’t be bothered to send them”. They didn’t even send a sideline reporter either, what an absolute joke.

That said, the announcers were just terrible. Not sure who is a worse color commentator, Petros or Rod Gilmore.

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While I agree, his very public griping that no one told them Rising was out without mentioning that he wasn’t even in the same state is a bit disingenuous