RIP to Mandarin founder, owner Greg Skedros

Not only was Greg a pillar of the community, he was an avid Ute fan and supporter. His children all attended the U, his youngest, deceased son Anthony was on the track team and held the WAC record in discus.

I saw him in there maybe a month ago. What an incredibly hard worker. Hopefully it stays the same, I believe his daughter is running the place now.


I worked at the Mandarin in the 80’s. Greg was an absolute crack up. Great sense of humor with a quick smile. His velvet dinner jackets were just perfect with his smooth personality when he was hosting. He will be sorely missed.


Yes she is. I knew her as Angel Skedros at Viewmont High School. Sad to hear Greg pass.


Lol :joy: I read this as Mandalorian. My condolences to those of you who knew Greg.

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I had some friends work there in the 80s as well. It seemed like half the kids at Bountiful & Viewmont High Schools worked there at some point.