RIP Rosalyn

The Carters we such exemplary people and their relationship is endearing as well. Old shoes together. Mizpah.

Rosalynn Carter, mental health activist, humanitarian and former first lady, dies at 96

The first election in which I was legally allowed to vote was in 1976. In fact, that year, Jimmy Carter campaigned in Utah, and he had a huge event at the Salt Palace. Those were the days when Presidential candidates actually tried to win votes in every state.

My roommate and I went to see him give a speech, and I was so excited to vote for him. Carter probably won 90% of the vote in the precincts around the U, but of course, he lost Utah by a considerable margin.

I think that Jimmy and Rosalynn Carter were good people who lived their lives with love and dignity. I am saddened by her death.


The Carters were great people doing good things for people. Rosalyn will be missed and may her memories be a blessing to her family.


I picked up a signed copy of one of Jimmy Carter’s books at D.I. for $2. I can tell he actually signed it because the marker bled through the page. Pretty good deal, I think.


Jimmy and Rosalyn spent many of their golden years assisting with Habitat for Humanity, helping to provide homes for the less fortunate. The most truly Christian president and first lady of our generation.