RIP, Mark Eaton

64 years old. Cause of death unknown.

Bike crash I heard.

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I worked at Tuscany Restaurant. Mark Eaton was a gracious host when he came in and a fantastic owner. If his demeanor when he came into the restaurant was to gauge how he was as a neighbor and friend, he was likely the best. May his family and friends find solace at this difficult time.


If you live in Salt Lake for a significant amount of time, you were bound to run into Mark. The NBA Crew did a nice bit on him here. It’s a shame. Mark was such a fixture in the community.


What caused the crash though? Heart attack, stroke, hit and run?

My step-daughter got a big break in her budding baking career when she landed the pasty chef job at Tuscany 20+ years ago. When she left to start her own place Eaton was disappointed but not mean about it. She always had good things to say about him.

Sad to lose such a good guy at what seems like such a young age - basically mine.


Living here in Park City, Mark could be seen regularly on either his mountain or road bike. He was always friendly and approachable. His bikes were amazing.