RIP Jim Seals

Seals and Crofts were big when I was in high school. I even went to one of their concerts in the Huntsman Center (then the Special Events Center) and they were great. But everyone was much more impressed by the guy who opened for them, a fellow named Billy Joel.

Just got home very late and saw this… Thanks for posting…

These guys were not a group I paid a lot of attention to at the time - not sure why - but there were definitely a few of their tunes that were exceptional. The following, is one that I will always remember for personal reasons:

I recall that I was listening to them (this tune in particular) on the radio during the same timeframe I was briefly studying jazz at the U, and the refrain from the previous piece is reminiscent of one of a few absolute jazz classics:

All great stuff!


I think they had certain songs that were a “guilty pleasure”. Usually because it reminded one of a girl.