Rewatched Pony Excess last night

It’s amazing how the SMU program was wiped out. That old SWC was petty, and pretty damned dirty. Funny thing is, if those programs had done what they did then today, nobody would care.

Seems that the NCAA was a more powerful organization prior to the growth of BCS and what not. Now it seems pretty inept. We’ve talked about that, just reiterating the point.

Regardless, it was interesting to see how it was pretty much 2 disgruntled players who brought SMU down.

Yeah, the NCAA used to have a big bite. Do they even try to do anything anymore?


You ask a very good question. IMO, the answer is a resounding no. I could be wrong, but when was the last time they really punished anyone?

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The NCAA has “quietly resigned.” They are still cashing the checks, but they have zero influence and enforcement anymore.

Would love to get paid while doing nothing…except maybe going golfing. Someone has to help OJ find the real killers. :wink:


Are there actually any real rules to enforce anymore?