Revenge between tribes- Utes Vs. Aztecs

Our uniforms look like we are trying to out Aztec the Aztecs. They could have used Marshall Faulk for this uni reveal.

Sweet! Mata’afa looks great in that uni.

Since it’s Ute Proud week, I’ll bet very few people know Utes and Aztecs are actually related, in the same language family. Pretty sizable family, a lot of different areas represented. Eg, the Pima and Papago have been in the Valley of the Sun for 5000+ years. Another interesting fact is the Comanche broke off from the Eastern Shoshone from Wyoming.

Uto-Aztecan languages - Wikipedia


Thanks Cliff Clavin ! Just kidding. Actually very interesting


lol - got me. :wink: I’m a anthropology nerd, and an aviation nerd. Jealous of your gig!

That’s why there is a Uto-Aztecan language group. BTW, the Comanches were one group you did not mess with. Google “Empire of the Summer Moon” to get a measure of their vicious warfare methods. The Comanches were actually rolling back the frontier for a while.

I’m very fortunate to have my gig, not a lot of people get to say they still enjoy their job😁

As far as I’m concerned that center stripe could be the norm for every helmet they wear. I love it.

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I saw somewhere that the spread is around 25 points in Utah’s favor.

I remember being highly surprised when looking at indigenous language families and seeing that Navajo (Dine’) is tied to the Athabascan languages in Canada, and that our dominant tribe’s language iss part of the Uto-Aztecan family…



Wait, so am I reading this right? The Chumash in true Southern Californian fashion had a language only they spoke?

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