Reminder: Utes vs Texas-Tyler exhibition is on Pac-12 network tonight

6:30 PM MT. It will be the first look at the team for most of us.

Thanks; didn’t know that.

We are gonna ‘loose’ a lot of games this year. And I still doubt Larry, his RBF is legendary. That said Carlson > Thioune/VK>>>Jayce. I thank Jayce for his time here, but I am not gonna miss him. Watching him was painful, watching any one of these three is a delight by comparison, and Calrson is quite skilled though raw. He could be a next level player if he bulks up, hell any one of the three might but he is leading contender IMO.

And there are some other decent players on this team. If he can keep this squad together and add a few pieces in next two years, this could be a scary crew in 21-22 season. I guess we’ll see who sticks around because this year is gonna be brutal. I say 13 wins. Maybe 5-6 in conference. But thats without really studying the schedule.

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We have two immediate impact players coming in next season, so 2020-21 has nice potential and 2021-22 could be really special, assuming of course all of the primary contributors stay in the program.

This season I think they finish around .500.