Remembering my dad, and tangentially related to an upcoming home and home series

A guy was walking down Main Street one day. As he was walking, in front of him there was a terrible commotion. People jumping off the sidewalk into the street, terrible noises, shouting, bedlam.

When it got close to home he hear this terrible hissing growl, and as he saw the flash of teeth, he jumped out of the way. He looked back and saw what he got out of the way of was a man walking the strangest looking reptile he had ever seen.

“What in the hell is that!” He screamed at the man.

“It’s my crocagator,” said the man holding the leash.

“What in the hell is a crocagator?” He asked the man.

“Look, it has an alligator head on one end and a crocodile head on the other,” said the man holding the leash.

After looking at this strange animal carefully, the man asks the crocagator owner “How does it ■■■■?”

To which the crocagator owner replies, “It don’t. That’s what makes it so mean.”

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