Regular season awards

Because my opinion is the only thing that matters I give you my Utes 2021 regular season awards

MVP: Can Rising.
Utes most complete QB since…Alex Smith? Without Risen I’m not sure the Utes are Bowl eligible - Nuff said.

Most Improved: Bam Olaseni
Cannot believe I’m saying this but yea, this guy is a freak. I never thought it would happen but… It’s happening! Do not be surprised if he’s a high draft pick.

Newcomer: Cole Bishop.
Mark my words, he will be the heart and soul of the Ute team in a year or two.

Best Coach: Kwhitt
This is a tough one. Harding has made a strong push in the second half of the season, Scalley has not given up a lot of points on defense and Ludwig has used most of his weapons with his play calling.
But Honestly, I think Kwhitt is starting to truly figure it out as a coach. He’s trusting others and the results are a more dynamic team.

My disappointments
Special Teams - we can all agree with this

LB depth. Calvert brothers and Tafuga (all 4 stars) have for the most part been not seen the field.

Clark Phillips. Great person, good CB, but not the player I was hoping our highest every ranked recruit would be.

Xavier Carlton???

No WR’s. Utes have a QB and I guess a decent OL. Where are the Wr’s???


I think the MVP goes to Tavion Thomas. Dude was lights out once he stopped fumbling.


I can’t argue with much. Whittingham is best coach probably this year for his leadership during and after the Aaron Lowe death.

Here’s a tough one. . .best tight end. Kincaid is probably the best catcher, Kuithe the best at getting open. Fotheringham is not far behind either, and they are all great blockers.


I think you have to say Covey is the best receiver. Or at least the most often targeted. Solo Enis is probably the best blocking receiver.


Ethan Calvert was lost to injury after the first game.

Josh’s knee injury sounds like it was a beast to recover from, guessing he’s just getting back to full speed.

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