Red Rocks Rock Again!

Shared article from KSL
Red Rocks repeat as Pac-12 champions as Grace McCallum scores 10.0 on bars

Great news!

In this conference, any championship is to be savored.

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Great event—I did not realize how much fun it is to go to a gymnastics meet. Non-stop action. And the crowd is really in to it.

Utes started on vault & struggled as did every other team. Obviously hard to stick the landing when you run full speed for 80 feet, flip multiple times in the air. So Utes were in third place after first round of events.
But bars were incredible. Place exploded when Grace McCallum landed & scored a 10. From there Utes/Red Rocks rolled.

That was my first time at a gymnastics meet. Going to get season tickets from now on.

And it is nice to be a “blue blood” in a sport—I can see why it is easier to recruit. Why go and be a star at a lesser team like the Olympian at Or St when you can be a champion. Just like in BB & FB.