Red Rocks 2023

Gymnastics team won last night against LSU. One ranking I saw it was 2 v 4 (we sre higher ranked). Another was 3 v 6. Regardless, won by 0.5. Some whining on twitterverse about home reffing, but solidbstart to the season with a solid score. Going to be a good team with some good returnees and some new gymnasts.

3 vs 6 is accurate.

Take it from Jay Clark, LSU’s coach “we walked out of our landings, they didn’t”

Both teams looked really good for a first meet.

Utah has firepower, at least 8 deep on all events, with vault featuring 5 10.0 start value vaults, something Utah never threw all last season.

Next home meet us the 24th at 1:00 pm.


Vault is improved which is going to be huge this year


I’ve never thought of looking for gymnastics content on twitter… can you tell me what to look for , for example to see what people are saying about the reffing? I’m curious now

Don’t be.

Gymnastics twitter is the worst twitter.