Recruiting boost

I know most recruiting is all but the signatures over. Still, with all this national publicity I gotta think a few ‘my final . . .’ are going to sway towards Utah.

Next year though

If we win the PAC-12 (YES WE WILL!)
If we get into the Playoffs OR the Rose Bowl (YES WE WILL!)
If we send 6 to the Senior Bowl (YES WE WILL!)
IF we have 6-8 players drafted into the NFL (HELL YES!)

I think it’s going to be an excellent recruiting year.


We’re looking to pick off a couple of texas recruits.

Fixin’… in Texas we say “We’re fixin’ to pick off a couple of Texas recruits…”

I just want them to feel comfortable.

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Yea, between my time in Texas and Kentucky I should have known that.

Kid from Corner Canyon just decommitted from Texas. Hopefully we land him.

We already got Rising from Texas last year, and I think there are others looking to leave the program. Who knew our Texas pipeline was the University of Texas.

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Speaking of Rising, has he been travelling with the team? Does he sit in the booth with AL? What has he been allowed to do on game days?