Recreational Skiing Question…

Is it me, or are we seeing snow totals more like what we had when I was a kid in the 1970’s and early 1980’s?

It’s been a while since the resorts have seen snow like this winters dumpage.


The totals are definitely up. I’m just about to go give it a couple of hours of in-person testing myself. If we could have about five straight years of this there may still be a thing called the Great Salt Lake around here. We’re getting a lot of high water content, and I’d suspect that’s due to a warmer atmosphere’s ability to hold more water but don’t know that. It seems warmer in the valley. In 1993-1994 this number of storms produced snow to the armpits.


I believe on Alta’s web page there’s a historical review of snowfall amounts. It goes pretty far back and was quite detailed, but I haven’t looked at it for some time

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I’ve been tracking snowfall at Powder Mountain and Snowbasin only because water has been a big issue in Ogden Valley the last two years. As of today, Powder Mountain has already received 16" more than its average annual snowfall. Snowbasin is at 83% of its average annual. Every time I have to clear the driveway I remind myself “we need the water.” I think I’ll be able to do that for maybe another month.


Mammoth in CA just surpassed last year’s entire snow total.

The snow in the Wasatch is like the early 80s. Too bad the canyon traffic isn’t like the early 80s.


Hopefully we’ll have another 4-5 years of this.


That’s a BINGO!


As a transplant from Boston who always read about the great lakes in America; loosing the great salt lake is deeply disturbing to me.

Not to mention the arsenic and heavy metal dust storms…


My wife heard a remainder-of-the-season forecast several evenings ago, (I think on channel 5), which said that we are not likely to have the same level of snow the remainder of the winter season and that we will likely fall below normal averages for the water year.

I certainly hope that is not true.

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Happened last winter. We were ahead of average through December, then poof, nothing and we went below the average mark, again.

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My family moved to Utah in 1970 (I was 7 yo) to the high east bench of Bountiful. This winter feels like the typical winters of the 1970’s - '80’s. I remember breaking ice at Pineview waterskiing in April and skiing from the Tram at Snowbird in August of 1984.