Really people?

WTF is wrong with people?

How many of us remember solving our differences with words, or at worst fists? I remember it starting to escalate to knives when I was in 9th grade. When did firearms have to get involved for the most stupid of crap?

We’re into the 1st week of May, and Rocky Mount, NC is showing murder rate (not just firearms) similar to Durham, Chicago, and Baltimore. I dug it up on the FBI site awhile back when Rocky Mount had a similar stretch a couple of years ago. Things haven’t changed much. 2 years ago 2 people I knew were killed via violence in RM. No one I know now has been, but that doesn’t make it any better. It just saddens me at how so little human life means to some people.

I know that there are no simple answers. Take away guns, then only the criminals will have them. Give guns back to everyone, perhaps that’ll put the fear of God into everyone. I don’t really know. I have my ideas about HOW we got here, but not the why (aside from the lack of value of life).

This shooting happened at the Chili’s we go to once in a great while. I doubt it’s going to be open in the immediate future. So, there are 50 people out of work because of some idiocy. Those families are going to suffer because of the perpetrator. Sad really.