Ready for Spring Scrimmage!

Ok I know I’m already moving into the “Are we there yet?” Phase of the year. Don’t give a crap about Alabama-Georgia SEC incest fest. Just want to see how next years team is is going to shape up and can’t imagine how I’m going to endure the next few months without warmth or Football. No other sport compares. Ah well, guess there is always Sundance…oh wait…

Hey man, we’re just as upset. This is taking time away from our staff recruiting.

I’m excited to see how the portal and recruiting end up for Utah. I sort of look at y’all’s roster and there is a possible playoff team there. If you kick UF’s ■■■ in Gainesville to start the season off you get slotted higher right away. I don’t see why you can’t end up in LA playing this time next season with Cam at QB and Tavion Thomas back in the backfield with him.


I need a road trip to St. George and the National Parks to reset myself.

Football is after the winter reset.