Rankings of Top 73(?) CFB TV Audiences

I thought this was interesting.
Utes #40

But but but…the Cougs’ national fan base!

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My take away from this is that the PAC12 had terrible time slots. Also that the PAC12 network is doing us no favors. The highest PAC12 team is USC at #16. Oregon and Washington are so low?

Almost 900k in viewers playing PAC 12 “Way the hell after the rest of the country has gone to bed for the night” football means there are eyeballs watching; and, there would be a helluva lot more if the time slots were not out there on the time fringes.

What it says is even playing prime time on the Ocho would likely improve the exposure. If the PAC 12 network would compact all the non major network games into prime time slots would be an upgrade. The bottom line - unless you are an Arizona School or a SoCal School playing a home game In September, no one should be kicking off at 7:30pm PDT.

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Yeah, those 1030pm Eastern kick offs are a PITA for watching. Makes for a rough following day.