Random home theater speaker repair question

Got some nice tower speakers as part of my home theater/Ute watching shrine. One of the speakers has stopped working and It would have to be cheaper to have someone repair it than to replace it. Anyone know some place in the valley that does electronic repair on home speakers? It’s that or drop a stupid amount on new towers because I just can’t soundbar.

Do you mean a whole channel, ie all the right tower speakers? Or a single speaker in a tower?
I had Interwest in Murray repair some high end speakers years ago. They also repaired a 300 WPC amp for me.

I had a guitar amp repaired at DFX in Sat Lake. It’s hidden in a building a little west of the ballpark off 13th So. It wasn’t fast, but I’d heard the owner had some heath issues around that time and others have had better experiences. Their website is DFXSLC.com.

I know people who have used Interwest too and the feedback is generally that he’s really slow.

I guess the bottom line is it could save you money, but you may need to be patient.

No sound coming out of the tower. Removed the grill and don’t see any loose wires. Swapped out the speaker and the channel works fine. So something is up with the whole tower. Sadly anything past a Visible broken wire is beyond my electronic repair skill.

Interwest was slow for my repairs too. The speaker i needed repaired was an esoteric that had ribbon emims. Just getting the parts took a lot of time.

In the end the work was done correctly.

RUutes, it sounds like a fuse, something fundamental like that to me. Can you go online and get a schematic?

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Going to do some digging and see if I can find one. Had them about 13 years now. Swan Divas. Should have got totems ah well.

Interest won’t repair them sadly. Gonna try the next one now I guess.