R/cfb delivers again

I love the Polandball style graphics that have been used on r/cfb for years. Hell, that is what led me to discover r/Polandball, and I’ve been addicted to THAT since they only had a bit over 300k subs… Since then Polandball has shot up to 605k subs.

It’s just such an interesting site, especially for we Sagittarians and our love of Languages, politics, travel, geography, etc.

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My god that zoobs arms are so powder white (on the right).


Borrowed from one of the awesome r/CFB posts


Man doesnt that just sum it up SO WELL

Undefeated Pac12 season? Well we got damn close, but hasnt happened in like forever.

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Not sure who is and isn’t aware of this: one of the moderators of r/CFB is a Ute. He used to draw those cartoon balls representing the schools.