Quick thoughts on beating OSU 52-7

It’s hard to say where Oregon State is in their rebuild. They beat UCLA in Pasadena, who had beat Wazzu in Pullman. We didn’t help clarify things.

Our intensity & preparation is evident, from Whitt, Lud & Scalley & the coaches, through the player leadership & the starters, to the guys who got on the field in the 4th. Whitt arguing the lack of a substitution signal from the refs on OSU’s late TD drive sends the message to his guys on the field that he’s battling for them. We kept the gas pedal fully depressed all the way through.


256 yards rushing / 247 yards passing, the epitome of balance. The LOS win was convincing.

Offensive Gameball - Snoop or Moss? Sorry, but Moss wasn’t out there long enough to get the game ball. This one goes to Huntley, again. Simpkins just missed having a 100 yard game, leading with 4 receptions for 97 and a long of 54. The Hallendale Trio showed while they’re be remembered for a loooooong time.

Most impressive visual - watching how the WRs are fighting, making plays, no hint of sagging. Enis got a tough break on the sideline route where he got shoved out on the way down,… then made a big play later.

The culture being passed down was apparent on Wilmore’s TD. T.J. Green was impressive with the opportunity he got.


JJ’s coverage of Hodgins in the first half had a little luck and a TON of film that will make him money. That was impressive to watch. The play where Hodgins gave a great move downfield and then Jaylon closed to break up the pass by watching #17’s eyes was nuts. The Beavs kept trying to get their weapon going, and it never really happened.

As dominant as Jaylon was, the defensive gameball has to go to Devin Lloyd, with yet another assist to Anae on a LB Pick 6. (Lloyd & Bernard should really take him out to dinner.)

Special Teams

A warning shot to Lennon on the deflected punt, and Redding took care of business. I have no problem with how Simpkins has picked up the punt return duties from Covey, and we only had one kickoff sent our way, so there’s no sample size. Kick coverage was improved.


Remember when our LBs were a concern before the season? Hats off to Bernard and likely future All-PAC LB Devin Lloyd for erasing that thought. (His instincts on the Pick 6 return were as beautiful as Blackmon’s weaving Pick 6 in Provo.)

Next week will be a serious test. The ASU-Wazzu game was more about Leach righting his ship than ASU being mediocre, IMO. If we play laser-beam focused like the last two games, I like our chances.

Good analysis

Great analysis. It’s why I come here.


Once again Ma’ake shows why he is our Most Valuiable Poster.