Questions for UF.N posters

Hey Everyone,

We’re wondering if anyone would be willing to post one of our yard signs on your front lawn (DM me if you’re available for this)? Also, it would be a big help to us if you’d be willing to share our podcasts on your social media accounts. We feel we are very close to a breakthrough with UF.N and we believe exciting things lie ahead for the platform! Thanks for all of your support!


Don’t think this is the sign you are looking for, but I have a tree that is just loaded with plums for the picking.

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No, not what I’m looking for.

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That stuff you do for the pre game and after game is first rate, btw.



Just make sure you dont call an HBCU a junior college. It wont go well.


If I can get my hands on a sign theres a front lawn waiting.
UF.N is my only social media though.
That’s either brilliant or very sad…

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I’ve been leaving my front lawn longer than usual all summer, tiring to keep it green, while using a lot less water.

I’ll be happy to post a UF.N sign in my front yard. However the presence of the sign will cause me to, ever-so-slightly shorten the lawn length for each week’s cutting, and water a tiny bit more.

I wouldn’t stand for a subpar or unkempt view of a UF.N sign on my property!

PLEASE! Honk as you drive by :slight_smile:

Board mail on the way.

Great Utefan’s yard sign design, Steggy’s, Thanks!

I put mine out in the yard in time for the game and have my matching golf shirt on for the game.

Utefan challenge - as you’re out driving around town, keep an eye out for my sign. The first person who see’s it and board mails the name of my street to me, will be rewarded with a $100 NIL donation in their name.

Go Utes!


I think ive seen your house before - ill bm you

Crapping on people’s lawns…idk about you. :wink:

I keed, I keed :grin::grin::grin:

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And… we have a winner!

@Narfute correctly identified the street in much less time than I was expecting for a correct answer.

Congratulations @Narfute, the $100 NIL donation will be posted in your name tomorrow.


A few days ago, our AD, who lives a few blocks down the street, walked by with his wife and spent some time staring at the new UF.N sign in my yard. It brought to mind the phrase Internet Jackal.

I’ll be interested to see if Chris Hill who lives on the same street in a the opposite direction, has the same reaction should he happen by.

I’m being intentionally obscure, to see if there are any old time posters from the board who recall the reference.