Questions for Jonah Elliss

It looks like we’re going to have Jonah Elliss on this weeks edition of Goal Line Gossip! You guys have done a tremendous job coming up with great questions. Fire away!

Was there any hesitation moving from LB to DE?

How good does it feel to be having such success after working hard off season?

Did his dad tell him about the time he broke out a backboard, Shaq style, in HS?

Do they get to choose the color of the Ram pickup they all get, and is there enough room at the football facility parking for all those trucks?

I think it is awesome that your mother and father would adopt 7 children, what are your feelings/thoughts about this?

Do you like vegemite sandwiches?

When did you perfect the Freeney swim move? You move past the offensive tackle like he’s not even there.

Jonah is taking up after his father ( a great player, great father, and great man). Back in the early 90s, we would yell out LUTHEERRR! on key defensive plays. Maybe we will soon be yelling out JONAAAHHH! on those plays.


I have coached my kids in football. Sometimes it gets tricky. So, what’s it like having your father as a coach, especially at the college level.