Questions for Cole Becker

Hey guys,

It looks like we’re going to be interviewing FG Kicker Cole Becker tonight. So far the questions ya’ll have come up with have been popular with the athletes so lets keep that trend going! I think this should be a lot of fun!


One of the easier, obvious, questions is, how is his recovery coming along?

What differences does he see between the U and CU?

Probably a bunch of others, but those are 2 quick ones.

What is the longest field goal he has kicked in practice?

Is he ready for the Reser Wind tunnel?

How much of a difference can he tell kicking at elevation?

How much time does he save driving home from the U than before?

Does he give gifts to Bouwmeester for holding like a QB gives presents to his OL?

What was the situation in Colorad9 that led to his transfer? Did Prime make it obvious that he was no longer wanted?

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Do you like vegemite sandwiches?

Do you like movies about gladiators?

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