Question regarding the recruiting class

We got 4 guys coming in but only one senior on the team. Does that mean that 3 current guys will lose their scholarship?

Falsev is going on a mission.

At the moment, there are only 11 scholarship players. You can have 13, so 2 scholarships are open.

Falsev is a mission kid, so he doesn’t count for next year. There are 3 commits that count.

11+3=14, so one current player will have to leave to get down to 13. If there is another commit (and Larry may still be recruiting), a second player will have to go.


FYI all 4 commits have officially signed their LOI.

So the next question is who goes? Plummer? Wenzel? Maybe even Battin? Whoever produces the least out of those three would be my guess, although it looks like there’s a possibility Wenzel is going to redshirt, which doesn’t necessarily take his name off this list. Maybe Thioune or Van Komen decide they don’t want to back up Carlson for the next three years?

Who are the 11 that are on scholarship? If one of them is Reinenger, then it’s not a problem because he is a senior.

Guards: Jones, Gach, Brenchley, Wenzel, Plummer
Forwards: Battin, Allen, Jauntunen
Centers: Carlson, Thione, Van Komen

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My uneducated guess would be one of the guards, and I would guess that Jones and Gach are safe.

And I thought an article this morning said Coach K was holding back a scholarship.