Question regarding mail order wine

That the wines they pick for you are

MD 20/20
Thunderbird, and
Boone’s Farm

What does it mean?

I think you need a better sommelier.

All jokes aside, we order ours through Biltmore estates. They’ve been good for us so far, if a bit expensive at times.

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My first drink was “what’s the word…Thunderbird!”

Tried Mad Dog 20/20 once. Once.

Boone’s Farm and Annie Green Springs Plum Hollow were staples in the 60’s and 70s. Oh, and don’t forget Ripple; Pagan Pink was a favorite.


Best online wine club I have found (by far) is

It’s soooo easy to order. And the selections are world class.

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I’m gonna have to check this one out. Thanks.

I’ve been down the rabbit hole on They have some really nice stuff. I looked at some that I’m familiar with, and the pricing is much better than I can get locally on a few of them.

edit: added my rabbit hole dive