Question for the foodies

I’m thinking about making a Black Forest Cake. Baking is not my strength, a bit too structured so to speak. I cook rather well. Baking, well it can be hit or miss, especially if from scratch.

Anyway, have any of you made a Black Forest Cake? If so, what recipe did you use? I’ve found several. They all seem pretty straight forward.

If you have a family recipe that you don’t want to share, that is perfectly ok with me. But I am curious about the end result.

I don’t bake. I let my step-daughter the bakery owner take care of it. My sister has a home baking blog, I think it’s called “MP Loves to Bake.” Here’s the deal: Baking is chemistry, therefore ingredient measurement is critical to get the correct stoichiometry. While, for the most part, you can measure by volume and do reasonably well, especially in smaller, home quantities, if you really want accuracy you need to weigh your ingredients. Even then, there are no guarantees. Oven temperature variation, we’ve found the oven in our new home to be about 10F lower than it should be at 350F, elevation, and ingredient variability can have an effect.

Intimidated? Don’t be. Just have fun with it.


Did somebody say Black Forest?


Not intimidated. I’m a much much better cook than baker. I’ve made cakes from scratch. Not the hardest thing in the world. It is the attention to detail that I occasionally miss when baking. Too much this, too little that, etc. I’ve noticed that ovens can vary quite a lot in temperature. Makes for some adventures in some areas.