Question about tweeting recruits

Many years ago, the board was told in strong terms to NOT contact recruits. That’s sensible. We shouldn’t be going to kids houses and putting signs in their yards, writing them letters, calling them or sending them texts. I get that.

Yet, I see fans tweet recruits all the time. Are tweets now OK? What are the rules?

If it’s a welcome to utah that’s fine. If it’s anything negative that’s not fine.

I think the best practice is not to tweet recruits. You just never know what reaction you might get from what you believe is an innocent positive tweet. Further, I don’t think any recruit is going to choose a place based on the tweets from the fans. If that is what floats a recruits boat, I am not sure that is a great endorsement for the kid. Now, when NLI comes in play if it helps Utah players get money, I will follow every one of them.

I think a general rule of thumb would be for middle-aged adults to simply not engage with teenage athletes on social media.

Seems like there are very few positives with lots of potential ways that could go south very quickly.



Seriously, tweeting is for famous people, people trying to network, and idiots. Most of us are not in the first group, so we have to be careful not to end up in that last group.


^^^ This is gold, I’m tweeting this.


My brand is the last group. I tend to tweet to keep up old work conversations with past co-workers from TV and Radio and when we worked in Sports Marketing. It’s a complete water cooler water of time. We’re all idiots.

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I’m kind of a big deal. @sancho just gave me permission to tweet.


Twittering kids??? BBBBBAAAAAHHHH

I will just stick to drinking at the tailgates and cheering them on at the games.



I will continue to drink and yell “Fire Ludwig” (at basketball games, no less).

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