Question about Birds…

Is it just me, or are the local songbirds, pigeons, and doves getting really fat?

I mean I have to fill both of my feeders every 3-4 days, but we haven’t seen the birds swarming…except for the grackles. It’s how they roll. :wink:

Can’t speak for the birds in the Salt Lake Valley, but those here in our part of NC are fat. They, too, love our feeders. Come to think of it, so do our cats, or at least love watching the birds at the feeders.

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This is the time of year when birds get fat for the winter, especially non-migratory birds. And, yes, let the Monty Python references about “non-migratory” now commence.

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But we don’t have swallows. We do have sparrows, doves, quails, grackles, pigeons, robins, bluejays, and many other birds…but no swallows.

But someone did bring in a dead parrot…:wink:

OF COURSE we have swallows (idiotic failed Attorneys-General not counting), but they are far fewer in Utah than many other places… Every year I would watch some barn swallows nest in the parking garage ceiling coffer angles at the Uof U Health Business Services bldg.

Are they African or European swallows?

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It depends…how many coconuts are there in the nest?