Queen Elizabeth II has passed away at age 96. Charles is now King

This marks the end of an era.

This is notable - Elizabeth knew both Winston Churchill, who was born in 1874, and the current PM Liz Truss, who was born in 1974.


She became Queen while Russia was led by Stalin.


Queen Elizabeth II was a monarch for the ages. Her reign covered some of the most significant events of all time. Even before she became queen, she was a leader beyond compare. During WWII she could’ve sat around the palace doing nothing. Not her! She learned how to be a mechanic and fixed vehicles for the war effort.

She was Badass.



Yeah, I choked up this morning with the official Brittish governent announcing “Health concerns”
Seemed they were giving us common-folk time to digest the reality and magnitude of a spectacular person and dynasty passing on.


Amen to that.


And now they get his ugly mug on all of their stamps and money. Good luck with that.

My guess is Charles will reign 10-15 years at most unless he encounters health problems (or cognitive decline) and passes the throne to William before then. But he could live long as Phillip (99) and Elizabeth (96) both did. He definitely will use the position differently than Elizabeth did but he has said he will be more neutral as King than he felt he could be as Prince to influence politics.

It dawns on me that she got the highest mechanic’s pension in history.


It’s the “Being a total Badass” premium. :wink:

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