QB transfer from Baylor

I wonder what to make of this? Does it say anything about the coaches‘ confidence in Shelley or Rising? And I wonder how those two feel about it?

Three thoughts. AL picks the best he can secure to work in his system at Utah. Competition is wonderful to improve all options. Options are required in the event of injuries and to increase flexibility.

Since this guy is signing before the first of the year, he is more likely to secure a waver. Next season Rising, Shelley and Lisk are options. Great competition. If Peyton is in the mix too, it would be interesting to see what the 3rd and 4th string options do.

Peyton wants a shot at playing QB. All other programs wanted him as an athlete. Baylor said he’d get a shot but did not “really” follow through from my understanding. At Utah he’ll get an opportunity. But he may end up as a defense back or even receiver.

I hope Utah does well enough on Saturday to ultimately give both Shelley and Lisk amble opportunity to play significant minutes.

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Looks like he’ll sit next year due to transfer rules.

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Peyton Powell is a great QB name.

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See my added paragraph.

We are seeing why Katravis Marsh opened up his recruitment. Someone suggested a day or so ago that the parting of ways was mutual.

Given that we have not heard from Tate Rodemaker, the overlooked Georgia HS QB recruit, I wonder if we can assume he is not coming to Utah. AL offered him after a practice at his HS during Utah’s most recent bye week.


caw caw!

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According to Scratch, Radmaker thought Utah was too far from home. Rising hosted Powell on his visit and scuttlebutt is they really hit it off, which is one reason he committed.

I wonder why Powell has to sit out next year, since he entered the portal in August, and was never part of the team. He certainly got out a lot earlier than Tuttle did.

Here are his ratings. I won’t be a bit surprised if he ends up as a DB or WR.


The one-year transfer rule requires a year at your new school, not a year away from your old school. So the date he entered the portal is meaningless. He needs to be at the U for a year before he’ll be eligible (unless he gets a waiver).

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It’s probably better for him to have the year. It might help with the mini-glut of talent at QB.

Yeah, would even be better if his first name was Adam. (don’t know how old you are).

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Just barely old enough to know that if his name were Adam Peyton Powell we’d have some fun with that name.

Adam Clayton Powell; Colorful (to say the least) preacher/Rep. from Harlem NYC in the '60’s.

Adam Clayton Powell Jr. - Wikipedia.

Yep. The name similarity would be fun.

My take is that he provides a viable option should Rising not pan out, but is a prospect to change position if Shelley and Rising pan out as expected.

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This is absolutely fantastic.

Cam Rising is the future QB at Utah, yet he is so bought-in to the culture and family aspect of the team/program that he was the biggest cheerleader for bringing in Powell, who is the person most likely to push him for playing time.


He also hosted and impressed the Ole Miss kid.


I believe he hosted Gentry as well. Between recruiting and the scout team, Rising has already made a big impact for us…