Proposed major change to the transfer rule: One penalty-free transfer for everyone

I’m not sure what to think about this proposal. It might turn the lower-level programs into farm teams for the bluebloods. Utah would benefit to some extent because we are a P5 school, but…

What does everyone else think?

Why not? Prevents hoarding of players.

Recruits typically pick legacy first, then realize the importance of playing time. Utah should benefit.

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Your “hoarding” point is well taken. You remind me of the PAC-12 Network’s Yogi Roth (I think) who was an assistant at USC 10 years ago. He told Bill Riley that if USC saw a very good player that they planned to pass on, but who was drawing significant interest from other PAC-12 schools, they’d give the guy a scholarship just to keep him away from their competition. This change would make that tactic impossible.


Well spake!
Love to find out it’s true.
I do think player turnover is something - if cultivated appropriately - is probably the single best thing towards team development and performance.

I think it is probably the right thing to do and inevitable, but I am not sure it is the best thing for schools or for students. As we have seen with the portal, some students have traded a scholarship for a place on the outside looking in. I think that will likely increase once this rule takes effect. As for the schools, I imagine that there will be times where a school develops a player and after a couple of years that player decides he should try a bigger stage. While the change might help Utah in some respects, we should not be surprised when a player from the LA area who dreamed of a USC or UCLA offer that never materialized develops into a star at Utah and then decides to play his last two years closer to home. I did not read the Trib story, but I did read elsewhere that to help schools manage the impact of transfers in football they will change the rule limiting initials to 25 per year to 50 every two years with a maximum of 30 in any single year.

Hell, I’d LOVE a penalty-free transfer… even if I only get one!