Probably nothing, but something to keep an eye on today

UAB Grad Transfer Makhtar Gueye, a 6’10 big man, will announce his new school today after reports surfaced yesterday that our staff has been in contact with him, among some other smaller schools.

If he commits to us, its the first clear sign from our staff that they have moved on from caleb lohner and whatever small chance of salvaging this situation is gone.

Ultimately, I dont think he will pick us. Hes gotta be able to see that on our team, he is battling his countryman Lahat Thioune to be the 4th big. But a 6’10 decent shot blocker/rebounder with 5 fouls is a fine use of a 12th scholarship.

Seems like he’d be battling Thioune for backup center minutes. What would be really great is someone to back up Allen/Jantunen. Battin is third in line for forward minutes.

i dont think its that cut and dry. I think that when Lohner was in the fold, I think we were in for a 3 man rotation at the 4 and 5 of Carlson, Jantunen and Lohner. Now, I think Battin and Timmy (exclusively at the 4) take those lohner minutes. After that, Lahat is set up to take whatever is left.

Seems like we’ll want Carlson, Allen, and Jantunen out there as much as possible. We really only have Thioune and Battin to back them up.

I do think it’s realistic to hope for improved play out of each of those five players over what they did last season.

And indeed…this is a nothing burger.


Yeah… considering that Battin somehow became even less confident and less athletic this past season, I’m not holding my breath that he will be any better.

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I thought he might transfer. Definitely not likely now.