Please let both these teams be full strength when they play this year

Until then, who is your daddy Caleb?

Dude lost to the Utes BEFORE losing the CCG. What is the excuse for the loss in October?

Alien abduction?
Not focused on the game?
Wore the wrong cleats?
Wasn’t living right on and off the field?
All of the above?

I hope our visit to LA next season leaves him with his BS bravado totally wrecked the same way we wrecked St. Jake.



It’s really not a good look to talk like this. Just accept that you lost the game and move on. Honesty, USC should be glad it lost. It saved the Trojans and the conference the embarrassment of losing to Georgia by 50.


They didn’t want to be there.


Eff Caleb Williams’ painted fingernails.


The smell of his nail polish made him lightheaded.


Utah 2 Caleb nil.


I guess his argument is that had he been healthy they would’ve been able to outscore Utah. After all, he needed only 48 points to do that.


Problem wasn’t injuries on the offense but rather their defense giving up 90 points in those 2 games.


Yours is the correct answer. We still would have lost with a healthy Caleb Williams because of our non-existent “defense.” Probably by not as much, but who cares.



Do you think Riley has discovered defense yet? Based on his tenure at Choklahoma, and 1st year at U$C, odds are that he has not.

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Lincoln Riley is Jim Fassel 2.0. He can scheme a “fast break on turf” offense and get points scored; but his defenses are as leaky as a sieve.

What is mind-boggling is USC used to put some damned scary-good defenses on the field. They haven’t for a while (a long while). With the 4 and 5 star talent they bring in every year, they should be lights out.

I will say this, if they lose another track meet game to Utah this fall, Riley’s seat just got very warm.


Yep, Fassell was all offense, no defense. He had access to half (or less) the talent Riley gets at USC. Though Fassell’s Utes did lead the nation in passing and total offense in '88, albeit against inferior competition. Imagine if his teams had a Whittingham-like defense during his tenure. Fassell may have been here a long time and put Utah on the map well before Urban did.

Utes were loaded with athletes, all on the same side of the ball. Among the national leaders in passing, but near the bottom on defense, finished dead last (out of over 100 teams) in yards allowed on at least one occasion. Ironically Jim Fassel later coached a New York Giants team known for its stout defenses.

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Yep, Utes were dead last in total defense in '86 and '89. Were last in scoring defense by a wide margin in '89. Hard to believe now.

Edit, SMU, back from the death penalty, was last in scoring defense that year. They gave up 46 a game to Utah’s 44. Mustangs allowed 95 to Houston. Makes Utah’s 70 by BYU and 67 by Hawaii seem pretty decent.

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I think Stobart was right before Fassell. His teams were all defense and no offense. The pendulum swung wide in those days. Fassell put all the talent on offense and the defense suffered because of it. Good thing recruiting is a lot deeper these days and the Utes can put good athletes on both sides of the ball.

One of the issues with Stobart is he was very 3yds and a cloud of dust offense that was probably difficult to recruit to.

I remember that Houston was inside the 5 late in the game and the coach had them run the ball out of bounds a few times to avoid hitting 100.

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