No spreading the news. We needed Bucky F… Dent last night.

The correct team lost. Now, if LA loses tonight, then all will be well.

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If not Cubs or Padres i’m out. So, like most years I’ll watch the espn sports scroll tomorrow morning.

I’m just waiting for the Dodgers to choke the Wild Card game or win the series. This is an all or nothing team.

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As an Angels fan…


Arte needs to sell the team

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Taylor with the walk-off dinger in the 9th last night and Dodgers move on to play the Giants. (Top two teams in the NL, but the top seed gets the wild card winner). I’m a long time Reds fans, since the Big Red Machine of the 70s but waiting until next season. Perhaps out of who is in it this year, pulling for the Brewers.

Pretty crazy 2 teams that have won 107 games face off in the division series. But I guess you have to reward winning your division (alt would be re-seed: Giants/Braves, Brewers/Dodgers). You have to beat whoever is in your path to win it all.

MLB will be changing the divisional series seeding next year. Best records 1-4 with wild card team not hosting their first round series if they are ranked 1 or 2. It’s crazy to see the Dodgers and Giants playing head to head in the NLDS.

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Red Sox against Astros. Can we call this the cheater series?

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Maybe the trash can series…:wink:

Coming from a Dodgers fan that’s pretty funny.


Dodgers were victims of the Astros cheating. What am I missing?

Maybe the sign stealing on Gibson’s home run?

The Dodgers have been accused of sign stealing multiple times. In 2018 they were accused by other teams of stealing signs using video.

It’s baseball, casting stones about sign stealing and claiming your team is innocent is funny

I guess I’m just talking about the irony in two teams facing each other in the playoffs who both have been accused of cheating in a big way, especially the Astros, where there’s no doubt.

Seems like there’s a big difference between that and whatever happened with Gibson, although this is the first time I’ve heard that claim. Teams try to steal each others’ signs all the time. That’s why teams change their own signs all the time. There’s a difference between that–watching for your opponent to make a mistake and reveal a sign–and an organized, systematic, mechanically-aided effort to steal signs.

It’s a fascinating subject. I strongly recommend the book “The Echoing Green.” It’s about how I’m 1951 the Giants had an elaborate (for its time) electronic system for doing just that. When Bobby Thompson hit “the shot heard around the world” he knew what pitch was coming.

Cheating is and has always been part of the game. But Houston are in a class by themselves.

It’s also kind of funny that you think the two situations are comparable. You certainly know the difference between accusations and undisputed violations.

Baseball was a different animal even 3 years ago.

That’s one of the reasons things blew up. Baseball made a decision to seriously look into accusations, something they didn’t do even in 2018.

Anyway, I was just noting the irony of two teams who undisputedly cheated 3 years ago now battling each other in the ALCS. The jokes write themselves.

BTW, I’ve been a Red Sox fan since I was 12 years old. They’re my AL team.