Playoff Expansion to 12 Official

Oh, I was just saying like in 2019, they might move Oregon to 5 or 7 or Utah to 10 or 12 to ‘manipulate’ the match-ups. Or LSU/UGA in 2018. We can use the rankings as they were to postulate ‘how the playoffs would have looked’, but at that time, they were focused only on the top 4. We’re assuming the rankings would have been the same and we know there is some subjectivity to them since it’s a committee. If they focused on the top 12, there might be a little finageling of the rankings depending if they thought rematches or same-conference matchups were good or not for the 1st round. Maybe good if it kept the 1st round game more regional (fans, home stadium). Maybe bad - another matchup that adjusting rankings 1 spot could provide.

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I get what you are saying but I am not sure they care about that since it’s expanded. They have a way to protect the top 4.

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Of course they care about $ :wink:

A first round rematch is good programming.