Playing in the snow

When we have a home game scheduled in November against either the southern California or Arizona schools, there’s always at least one guy who proclaims “I hope there’s a foot of snow and it’s about 20 degrees”

If you were outside at all yesterday or last night, that’s what it would be like. None of the players would want to play in that. And would you want to be sitting in RES for 3-4 hours in that?

I always think the people wishing for that kind of weather for a football game are crazy.

Rant over. Get off of my snow covered lawn.


Weather-wise this season was great. Other than the lighting delay with Weber St. We didn’t even really have a truly cold game.

I’m with you - the snow is a misery fest. I suppose that sentiment is our players are more acclimated to the conditions than the players from a downright balmy Boise area, but we are at a point now where we don’t need to introduce chaos to win a game.


I was a CFL season ticket holder in Edmonton for nearly 20 years. Yesterday was nothing. :wink::man_shrugging:


Winter Weather games suck. They suck worse when you’re old.

There is nothing quite like getting soaked, freezing your ■■■ off and feeling every joint in you body ache to sit outside and watch a football game. The only thing that can make it worse would be an 8:30PM kickoff.

Granted cold weather gear has come a long way from where it was even 20 years ago; but once it gets soaked through, it’s game over. Heatgear for under a uniform only works when it is dry.

Finally, have you looked at where these kids who come to play here generally hail from now? Here is the answer…NOT HERE! Many of these kids hail from the sunbelt. Most have only seen snow on TV prior to coming here,

So let’s end the praying for snow and freezing cold for football season. If you keep it up Oregon, OSU, and Washington will put a hex on us to send their type of snow, also known as “Cascade Concrete,” to us to replace the powder snow.

Leave my driveway alone! I finally got it thawed and clean!!!


Thanks to global warming and indoor facilities our players don’t get much exposure to practice in winter conditions either.

I do have to say that a snow game appeals to people who like defensive slugfests. I certainly do, it’s a test of mettle. But I’d also watch them from the comfort of my own recliner by the fireplace.


Snow games are kind of a novelty when watching from your home, not so much when at the stadium.

Did get dry weather for all the games this year for a change (except the Weber State game where we were bunkered down under the stands during the lightning delay and stayed dry). Dry cold weather is MUCH easier to stay warm in than when you are getting rain/snow.

Meanwhile those of us in Salt Lake valley had about a foot or more of snow to shovel yesterday with a bit more on the way today.


THANKS FOR THE VISUAL!!! :joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl:

Consider my dogs who are not much taller than those 12 inches of snow trying to find a place to do their business. In the interests of keeping my carpet clean, I had about an hour of slipping, sliding, and one spectacular fall on ice just to find that ideal potty place. On top of two hours of shifting snow. And despite being in the best physical shape I’ve been in 15 years, I’m feeling super achy and old and cranky about snow.

Winter sports should definitely be opt-in, leave it to those nutsos lining up in traffic up the canyons.

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Ahhh EDM. My Ogden High band went up to Klondike Days in summer of 1977, and I remember doing our field marching competition (first exposure to the Drum & Bugle style of “marching”) in Clarke Stadium, looking over at the not quite finished Commonwealth Stadium. Amazing to realize it’s still, quality-wise, one of the better CFL stadiums. Dont get me started on that shi*show in Calgary…

One of my more vivid memories of old RICE stadium, once I returned form the Navy and started going to games in 1992, was a blizzard day when were were playing Hawai’i. Talk about irony [someone call Alanis and show her the example]. During that first year I remember being shocked beyond words at the dude dressed in warpaint/bonnet stabbing a bale of hay from horseback… SOOOO happy someone fionally woke up about that.

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I took our two dogs for a walk last night after dark. I quickly regretted that decision. Usually I walk them for up to an hour. After 20 minutes we were done.

It didn’t help that too many of our neighbors had not lifted a finger to do anything about cleaning their sidewalks. Not very neighborly, if you ask me.

Perhaps an unpopular opinion, but I’d rather sit in a snow game than a rain game. With snow, while it’ll usually be colder, there’s a chance to brush it off you before you get soaked. Rain games always end up with bone chilling cold because you’re going to get wet, no matter what clothing strategy you’ve employed.


Indeed unless it’s quite warm, steady rain is much worse than snow.


Aaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhaaaaahhhhhhhhhhh!!! :rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl:

one of the coldest game I’ve been too, for that reason

Every Utah game I ever attended in San Diego was like that. 2 regular season games, the Poinsettia Bowl against Navy and the Holiday bowl.

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It! Was! Miserable!