Perusing the CFB sub on reddit I found an interesting nugget

I’m not sure how much stock to put into this, but it was interesting. It may have conference expansion ramifications.

Stewart Mandel on Twitter: “George Kliavkoff: “I want to be 100 percent clear that going forward, the Pac-12 will make all its decisions in football” with optimizing Playoff appearances and winning national championships in mind. The Larry Scott “parity is good” era is over.” / Twitter

Sweet music to my ears (or eyes in this case)

So does that mean the conference will kowtow to USC and Oregon or am I misreading that quote?

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You’re interpretation is at least as good as mine. I have no clue, I just thought the football focus was interesting.

After re-reading it, he could be saying that all PAC12 sports decisions will be made with football in mind (Olympic sports pushed to back burner) or he could be saying that PAC12 football decisions will be made with getting to the playoff (best teams get the best time slots, more airtime on PAC12 network, referee decisions overturned in their benefit, etc.). I assume it is the later, but could be both.


It’s the latter. They will schedule to get teams into the playoff.

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Occam’s Razor.

Pac 12 expanding to 14 with Alabama and Clemson joining?

Honestly, I really hope you guys start winning. I hate this Texas and OU addition. Awarding the people who tried to Big Brother their conference.

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Who from the schools out there currently available are AAU institutions?

Yes, the commish reworking the TV schedule to get the high profile names and/or teams and games in priority TV slots makes sense for revenues. Schools not losing OOC and bowl games would help, too. If we keep the scheduling to 9 in conference - 3 OOC, we need the following format imposed for the OOC games:

1 P5 team
1 High end G5 team
1 Bottom feeder G5 team.

If we go to 8 in conference - 4 OOC games…

1 P5 team
1 High end G5 team
1 Bottom feeder G5 team
1 Dealer’s Choice (not to include an FCS - “Sisters of the Poor” game)

If the 16-team playoff comes to be, it will be the ticket for getting in the playoff discussion without winning the conference.

Iowa State and Kansas?