Paul Simon and "Bridge Over Troubled Water"

For people of a certain age (and anyone who loves a great song).

Another take on that classic

A timely reminder of a great tune…

I submit that you cannot name any other recording that has better production than what the late Phil Ramone did on that song. The Larry Knechtel piano arrangement is pure genius, and the orchestration (Ramone was a classically trained violinist) makes it absolutely beautiful.

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Challenge accepted.

Nights in White Satin?


Right, those guys started with a great, great song and made it into an absolute masterpiece.

Not even close. NiWS is way too melodramatic and has no parts in the same league as Knechtel’s arrangement. The beauty of BOTW is its eloquent simplicity.

The production of NiWS reminds me of how Phil Spector ruined the “Let it Be” tapes. The only way to listen to those recording should be in the remastered, “Let it Be - Naked,” that took out all that wall of sound ■■■■.

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