Patterson out at TCU

End of an era, for sure.

Freddie Brown’s catch at the end of that 2008 TCU game is still the loudest I’ve ever heard RES in 20+ years. What an epic game that was. Ross Evans is still having nightmares, I’m sure.

Is he too unglamorous for USC?

Not if USC stands for ultra saggy chest
The USC Moobs




I think TCU is making a mistake. TCU would be in the Sun Belt or AAC without Patterson.


I was initially surprised by this, as frankly, I haven’t paid any attention to TCUs record for years.

I just went back and looked and his record at TCU recently has not been great:

2012 7-6
2013 4-8
2014 12-1
2015 11-2
2016 6-7
2017 11-3
2018 7-6
2019 5-7
2020 6-4
2021 3-5 (so far)

Three outstanding seasons in the decade in the Big12, with a lot of mediocre years, particular recently.

I guess that with a combined record since the beginning of 2018 of 21-22, is not what administration and fans are expecting. It is a “what have you done for me lately” sort of a business. (Remember, Chris Hill was looking to jettison Whittingham a few years ago after three mediocre years in a row.)

It’s a shame though, as TCU has had by far it’s best stretch in history under Patterson, and it is certain that without him, TCU would not have accomplished enough to get into the Big12.

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I think it would be great to have him as our D Coordinator.