Patriots are out

I am not heartbroken to see this happen. also, I have not followed the Titans much at all, but I was impressed at how they played to win tonight.

The Titans leading Rusher and Tackler are pretty good. Wonder where they played college ball?

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Auburn? JK, I suspect somewhere else in the state of Alabama.

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I was thinking LSU.

My sibling has a man crush on Brady and the cheatriots them being out will ruin his weekend. That’s too bad

Technically, Rashaan Evans did play at Auburn HS and both his parents were stars at AU running track for Mom and a great Football player for Dad.


Thanks for letting us know. Will you be helping us identify former Tide players throughout the NFL playoffs?

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Bama is not relevant to Utah or any real discussion on this board unless you mention that ass beating we gave you over a decade ago. Tone it down with the pro-Bama stuff already- It’s like you’re lobbying for them or something. I think we are all aware of Bama’s resume over here.

Only if it makes you a sensitive Nancy. No worries. I’m gone as I promised next Monday because you can’t take seeing someone talking about Alabama unless it’s started by you. Let’s just make it tonight. See Y’all.

No problem with anyone posting here about anything, but relentlessly shilling for a program far away and unrelated to U. of Utah athletics is a different matter.

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