Pat Forde: “Why Utah Earning a Playoff Bid Would Be Great for College Football“

Thanks Forde for the academic sleight citing the U.S. News rankings.

Furthermore, the mention of USC beating Utah with their 3rd string QB is disingenuous. Utah would have been better off not taking out Slovis on the 2nd play of the game because he was good for at least 3 INTs and a fumble.

This POS article reads like Forde wrote it with a gun to his head.


Pat Forde is a trash writer. He’s also the guy who said Alabama’s Dynasty was over after Ohio State beat them. Then Alabama won 2 of the next 3 titles.

Guess what he wrote 5 days ago:

He’s a troll

Forde’s often the Pat Kinahan of national sports writers. A pot-stirrer.

Both are tools who should not be taken seriously.

Forde is one of my least-favorite “writers”

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I had the exact same reaction. Forde can shove his backhanded compliment.

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Sports media tend to be this or homers. They are in show business.