Pass the long ball test

I expect Utah’s D secondary to be tested with deep throws alla $C tomorrow. Utah safeties and DBs need to win some of those deep 50-50 throws. Eason is a much better passer than Fink.

Watch out for young Pakua. He is beginning to be targeted recently. He’s the real deal.

So far this season, Washington’s inside backers have been weak. I expect to see them change up their defensive scheme to try and slow down Zack. A healthy Snoop may well be the key.

I doubt any of us have much faith in our kick game winning a last second field.goal. We need to have a comfortable lead by mid 4th quarter.

We are going to know a lot about how the South pans out after tomorrow with the two crucial games. For sure we’re Utes first and Ducks 2nd tomorrow

Puka is the real deal but more people keep reporting that he has a bad, possibly broken foot.

UW’s receivers, Puka included, are not even close to the level of Pittman, Vaughan, and St Brown.

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If Ludwig out-schemes them tomorrow, and our passing game eclipses theirs, I’ll be somewhat surprised, and ABSOLUTELY elated!

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