Parking for the Utah vs USC Football game and other tips

My wife and I are driving in for the Utah vs USC Football game. Any tips on where to park? Or should we just take TRAX or other public transit, as we are staying in downtown SLC. Do the lines post-game to get back on the transportation get crazy?
Any pre-game traditions that we should check out? We usually get to games pretty early, several hours before, and try to get in a stadium an hour before kick-off.

It’s a no-brainer. Trax.


It takes only about 10-20 minutes to get on TRAX after the game. If one is really opposed to riding on a crowded train, best non-permit parking options would be north of the engineering building ($20 I believe, it was free back before Ute FB was a hot ticket) with a nice long walk through campus or in neighborhoods to the south of Sunnyside Avenue (an even longer walk which takes you past the tailgate areas)

Thanks. Not opposed to the train. Sometimes after games they can be wild getting on after an event, but that is probably just crazy in LA.

The train gets pretty packed after (if it is a close game). There are also buses handling overflow.

Welcome and have fun! Trax is definitely the way to go if you’re staying downtown. After the game, chat with some locals while the bulk of Ute fans tie up space in the Trax cars. Lots of fun folks to talk to :slight_smile:

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If you get up there early, it’s pretty easy to find parking spots. I’ve been going to games for 16 years now and have never not been able to find a spot on the streets to the southwest of the stadium as long as we get there 60-90 minutes early.

We typically park right around the corner from the McGillis School on 700 South and 1300 East (they have a pay lot, but you can park for free on the streets). From there, it’s about a 10-15 minute walk up to the stadium and other 5 minutes to the tailgate lot if you want to go check that out. The USC game will probably be particularly crazy, so I’ll be planning to get there at least 90-120 minutes before.

Wife doesn’t like getting there that early, so she parks downtown and takes Trax up. Either way is pretty painless.


Have a wonderful time!
May you be treated with generosity and grace.




That is one of the greatest Ute Football Photos of all time :slight_smile:


It’s about respect.


Thanks for the tips. We probably will take Trax, but the parking to the southwest of the stadium is intriguing.
Good luck to both of our teams this weekend; Take care of current business first. You have a solid program, and I have loved your coach for years.


Thanks for the tips on TRAX. It was a great game, fun time(except for our loss). Utah fans that we talked to on the train, to and from downtown, and other places were great to talk to. Good luck the rest of the season.