Padres win! Padres win!

What a night for this guy. Sitting in RES and watching the Utes scratch and fight their way to victory and then getting home just in time to watch the Padres score 5 in the 7th inning and then secure the final 6 outs against the despised Dodgers. Hopefully the Utes and the Padres have more wins in them this year.

Congrats to the Padres, they won when they needed to. The Dodgers did not. I’m pretty disappointed about that.

I do have mixed feelings about the post-game playoffs. I hope I would feel the same way if my own team were not the one that got the short end. In this case the two teams played 19 times in the regular season and the Dodgers won 14. The Dodgers finished (I believe) 22 1/2 games out in front of the Pads. Not making excuses, the Dodgers, to be a champion team, need to win the games that matter, and not collapse during every postseason.

But still….The regular season needs to mean something. I guess the NBA is kind of that way too.

I know there are lots of people here who really dislike the Dodgers, and I get that, sort of. Just let me work this through a bit.