Packers and 49ers

this game is awful. I blame the weather and Rocker since that seems to be the theme today

I know many people are romantic about it being so cold, but its not conducive to great football

I’ve been accepting the blame for everything for a long time.

this is expected behavior from someone who doesn’t revere our national precious celebrities, and also thinks Jim McMahon broke byu’s honor code :wink:


I’m sure he didn’t.

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Wait I just thought of a joke (or a modification on one)

Catholicism claims the Pope is infallible, but no catholics believe it.

Mormonism claim their prophet IS fallible but no Mormon believes it.

Jim McMahon says he broke the Honor Code and no BYU fan believes it.


Catholics don’t recognize women as having a right to the priesthood.

Baptists don’t recognize baptism by anything less than complete immersion.

Mormons don’t recognize each other going in and out of the liquor store.

(Yes, I know, an oldie, but a goodie :slight_smile: And please don’t accuse me of attacking Mormons - my parents are LDS and before his death, this was one of my father’s favorite jokes. If you’ve got any funny Catholic jokes I promise I’ll laugh at them.)


The 49ers drafted Alex Smith over Aaron Rodgers and have been to more super bowls than Green Bay since while going 4-0 against them in the playoffs.


Tired of my teams giving up blocked punts for TDs.


Didn’t help your QB Vinny Testapositive wasn’t that great either. He’ll probably contest the results.


Alright, here’s one that my cousin absolutely hates because she’s LDS.

What’s the difference between a Mormon wedding and a Catholic wedding?
In a Catholic wedding the bride is pregnant.
In a Mormon wedding the mother of the bride is pregnant.

It’s ok to laugh at this. I promise no one will be too upset. It’s just a joke that plays on stereotypes. The stereotypes may or may not exist in reality.


That GB/SF game was tough to watch. I’m surprised that it took either team so long to run the ball. I would have thought that running the ball would be a priority do the weather. Didn’t hurt that SF’s special teams were pretty good.

Mike Lindell has predicted that the Packers will win the Super Bowl.


And he’ll have proof they really did next August.


The NFL ran off Kaepernick for kneeling during the National Anthem - an act that put no one in harms way. This chucklehead, rolling unvaccinated, who did get the disease and spread it to others, the NFL? crickets.

Didn’t root for or against Green Bay because of this narcissist. I actually enjoyed watching a great game with a thriller ending. The bottom line is the Niners made great defensive adjustments at halftime and simply won the game.

“…But they rooted against me in my own house” is weak sauce anytime of the year. The Packers didn’t win. Turn the page Rodgers.