PAC12 will play football in 2020

Pac-12 voted to have a 7-game football season. Starts on Nov. 6-7. Conference championship is Dec. 18… as reported by @wilnerhotline
and @BonaguraESPN
and @Brett_McMurphy and others.

Presidents/chancellors went with a unified start. Column coming.

— John Canzano (@johncanzanobft) September 24, 2020

Welcome to the S&*t show!


We are finally going to win the Alamo bowl this year! I can feel it! Reverse the curse!

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E-mail just received:

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Greetings, Utah Fans.

I am so happy for our student-athletes whose sports programs will now be able to return to play with today’s decisions by the Pac-12 CEO Group. This is an exciting day, and a real boost to the spirits of our entire department and our great fans.

At every stage of this process, the health and safety of our student-athletes, coaches and staff has been our highest priority, and the guidance of medical experts has informed each decision. We are grateful for the diligent work of the Pac-12 COVID-19 Medical Advisory Committee, the game-changing partnership with Quidel, and the leadership of the Pac-12 CEO Group to continuously evaluate new information to reach the decisions announced today.

All of our student-athletes and coaches have been working extremely hard to keep themselves prepared for the possibility of competition and they have been so disciplined in their adherence to our health and safety protocols. We will now finalize details of preseason preparations for our football, men’s basketball and women’s basketball programs. Football games will begin the weekend of Nov. 6-7, and men’s and women’s basketball competition will begin Nov. 25 in alignment with the NCAA basketball calendar.

Our traditional Fall sports, including cross-country, soccer and volleyball, will continue their preparations for spring competition, consistent with the Pac-12 decision to align with NCAA Championships scheduling, and our winter and spring sports continue to train and prepare for their seasons.

We are fully prepared to host football games at Rice-Eccles Stadium this fall while construction continues on the Ken Garff Performance Zone. When the decision was made to proceed with the demolition of the Spence Clark Football Center in August, we thoroughly considered the implications of potential home football games in the stadium, and suitable contingency plans are being prepared for team locker rooms and all other game-related operations.

As part of today’s announcement, the decision was made by the Conference that there will be no fans at any athletic competitions until Jan. 1, 2021. We understand and respect the health and safety considerations that were taken into account to arrive at this conference-wide decision. Our fans make home games something truly special and we will miss their presence this Fall.

Finally, I want to thank all of our tremendous Utah Utes fans who have remained so committed through very challenging times. Your support is critical, and we look forward to the day when we are able to gather again and watch our teams compete for the University of Utah. We will continue to rely upon every one of you for all of your support, and we sincerely thank you.

Go Utes!

Mark Harlan

Athletics Director

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The key lines:

In the sport of football, Pac-12 universities with the necessary public health approvals may commence practice immediately with a seven game Conference-only season to begin on November 6, and the Pac-12 Championship Game on December 18.

In the sport of men’s and women’s basketball, the season will begin on the NCAA official start date of November 25. Further details regarding basketball schedules will be released in the near future.

No fans will be permitted at any sporting competition taking place on Pac-12 campuses. The decision to not allow fans at competitions will be revisited based upon health and safety considerations in January 2021.

Coulda been a week earlier if not for the loser members of our conference…cough, cough…Stanford.


Well, it’s something. Strange assed season to put it mildly.


I’m glad we are coming back. I wish we were coming back a bit sooner, but it is what it is.


If we had better management, we’d have come back earlier. The SEC really did a nice job by building in enough time to be flexible in case of covid outbreaks. Everyone in the media suggested the same for the Pac-12, but we couldn’t manage it.

We followed the Big10, assuming that the other conferences would do the same. It was a bad move, and it cost us games.


Agreed, sancho. One of the worst things in my mind (aside from the limited number of games) is that the late start probably eliminates (or at least greatly diminishes) any consideration of the Pac-12 for the national championship.

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Interesting snippet from the 24/7 site that covers UCLA. So if Utah’s threatening to leave for the Big XII that makes me think that the Big XII has been talking with Utah. I don’t see the Utes threatening something like this if it wasn’t a possibility.

I give that little nugget a 0% chance of being true.


It seems unlikely that Utah would threaten to leave the Pac-12. At most, I would think that Utah might suggest the possibility of being permitted to put together a schedule with some Big XII teams that have openings (assuming there are some–I haven’t looked at the Big XII schedules).

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