PAC12 week 2 results

Oregon looking really good, even without Thibodeaux.

Hopefully Washington (+6.5) can improve and play Michigan well or even win to erase their embarrassment last week.

I don’t think CU has a chance (-17 vs TAMU @ Bronco Stadium)
Cal @ TCU (-11.5)
Portland State @ WSU (-31)
SDSU @ AZ (-1.5)
Stan @ USC (-17)
UNLV @ ASU (-34)
Hawai’i @ OSU (-11)

And as I type it, FOX switches to CU/TAMU, dropping Ore/Ohio St. (I guess Denver region - makes sense). Supposedly have to go to Fox Sports app.

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Oregon trying to blow this.

Watching this Oregon Ohio State game — how much better is this game with loud packed stadiums again. Bands, cheerleaders, mascots, traditions. Love college football.


Totally agree, but there might be a price to pay in some areas. Nice to be entertained and forget there is a pandemic going on, a statistical crapshoot on when/where breakouts will happen, but I don’t disagree it’s fun.

But, back to football. Oregon needs to shut this drive down.

No targeting? Lucky

run the clock out!

They got it; damn, this game was fun


Good job, Ducks.

Helps out the egg laid last week by the North.

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On the road against an outstanding blue blood. Wow. :+1:


Gotta hand it to those Quackers from Eugene. Their offense looked really good. Their defense looked iffy at times, especially against the pass. Yet in the end, they won the game thanks to their defense.

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Ohio may fire that DC. Their Offense was good. I am amazed at Moorhead’s gameplan today. Good job Ducks.

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Not PAC12, but AFA v Navy on 9/11? Triple option love fest.

Not PAC12, but Iowa St. v Iowa actually looks fun.

Back to PAC12 - CU going to lead 7-0 1st quarter. TAMU starter injured. TAMU will probably start rolling, but good job playing tough. HOT (95) and a little smoky in Denver (not as bad as it has been) + altitude.

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And those Navy uniforms. On any other day with any other team they’d be ridiculous. But today……doesn’t get any better.

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AFA uniforms look like Army and Navy’s are definitely unique - remind me of my brother-in-law’s Marine dress blues.

7-3 Colorado at half. Over TAMU

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19-14 Cal at half over TCU. But gave up a dumb 52 yard TD run with only seconds remaining in half

They’ll lose

Iowa and ISU have a no-scoring pact

Notre Dame losing to Toledo. 29-24 1:35 left

Edit: And Toledo gets called for one penalty after another.
First down ND inside the 20

2nd Edit: ND TD, get 2 point conversion. Leads 32-29. That’s unfortunate

3rd Edit: Toledo called for 2 more consecutive penalties. On their own 8 yard line. So, in the last 6 plays (which includes the kickoff), Toledo has been called for penalties on 4 of them