PAC12 Farewell Tour Tailgating

Greetings from your fellow curmudgeonly Navy Vet.

I finally broke down and got my behind up to the RES ticket office and spoke to my rep - it had changed AGAIN, only a week before - I got a very nice young lady named Sophie who was very helpful and genuinely grateful for my military service - not the throwaway phrase so many folks now say pro forma.

While I had zero illusions about getting a ticket for Florida, I was able to get the same WC companion seat for Weber and FUCLA. Not too far form my previous season ticket at the top of the West/South bowl boundary.

While I realize that the glory days of the Pirate Ship are never coming back, I wondered if anyone has any organizational plans for Tailgating for this year. Does anyone actually have a spot in the ever-shrinking Guardsman Lot? Perhaps someone even has a spot in the west lot (gasp)?

I’m committed to trying and being more involved this year as we say good bye to the best conference Utah was ever part of. My health is significantly better than in 2021 when I bought a season ticket, so I’ll be trying to ignore my aching/creaking nearly 62 year old bones.

Thanks to all of you old guard that have been around since the dawn of 1.0 (RIP Chris). It’s been a wild ride.

BTW I have to admit to being embarrassed at being oblivious or forgetful (or both) and not grasping until some recent IG posts that has a YT channel and IG account DOH!!!

As the Swedes are fond of saying when kicking off each week of their giant spectacle called Melodifestivalen (qualifier for Eurovision)…

“Nu kör vi!!” [Here we go!] :partying_face:

FTFO (F*** That Fat Orange) :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

My group has 6 passes (12 spots). I know that the poster known as KTown has spots where the pirate ship used to be, and the poster known as UteRus has the Pig Bus near there. The Guardsman Lot still rocks pretty well.

I don’t know for sure, but my understanding is that there is a waiting list a mile long for tailgate passes.



NEBOMB TURK - where are the spots you mentioned you have? Would love to meet you (hell anyone after so many years away from live Utefans)

I will attempt to find Ktown in the old ship spot, but anyone else willing to have the gnarled old Navy vet stop by?

I havent been to any tailgating in a decade!! COuldnt get a ticket but would love to share some of the camaraderie with everyone!

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We are on row E, spots 21-32


I just dawned on me… I have a 1pm appt right there in the VA medical Center… so after spending an hour or two there I can just stroll right on over to the Guardsman Lot for a few hours before heading home to watch the game.


Tonight started the pregame light show.

Tomorrow morning the banners go up for Gameday.

I am looking forward to what should be a great start of the season. Having a real game instead of the ceremonial “Sisters of the Poor” tuneup game is always more exciting.


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given that this was begun as a tailgating thread, are you going to be anywhere near the Guardsman Lot with the other fanatics?

MANY MANY THANKS to Hoopute and Newbombturk for welcoming to their tailgate cabal. Quite a crowd! I was so proud to wear the shirt I bought a decade ago ( I think). If it hadnt been 95 degrees under that awning I might have stuck around a while longer. But I did leave just in time to catch the band gathering and march to the stadium.

Holy hell - that direct sun was well over 100 degrees, no matter what the air temperature was. I had to stop and lay down in the shad of the big touring buses to try and cool off and let my poor skeleton adjust. It was SO FREAKING HOT I considered staying on the Train al the way to Daybreak and back… That and I was exhausted! :melting_face:

I hope to stop by Ktown’s spot and something called the Pig Bus Newbombturk mentioned.
So great to finally meet other UFN members in person after so long. I think the last time Boylen was still coach, because I met the UFN member “BoylenOver” at that last tailgate.


Ditto here - so glad I got to hang out with @NewbombTurk and @HoopUte for a while… thanks for welcoming a couple of weary out–of-towners trying not to melt away in the sweltering heat of the afternoon. You guys are a class act. @Kosh, I guess we missed you- maybe next time.


OK PEEPS… With a noontime kickoff, are most of you still planning on tailgating? It would mean getting up rather early to get all those various insane setups in place in the lot for tailgaters to come to.

I’ll wander up there around 10 or so to see who is really hardcore. I was talking with Newbombturk about who is in the place of the ship, but realized I cant remember where it was along that western edge. Can anyone give me the number slots for whoever is in that zone? Also he mentioned something about a “Pigbus”… I dont have the slightest clue where in the lot that would be (and with my feet and leg health issues wandering the entire place is out of the question). Any hints as to where to look for that group?

Thanks for any info… I would really like to get around and meet more of our UteFans folks, in addition to the other random fans at the various spots.

See ya Saturday!