PAC12 Coaching Carousel

There are already open HC spots in the PAC12 with more to likely come. Seems like a good place to discuss in one place:

  • USC - fired Helton early because he kept keeping his job with later season wins. Big job (but tricky). Seems like Fickell (Cinci), Campbell (Iowa St.), Franklin (Penn St.), Fisher, others are likely targets.
  • Washington State - fired Rolovich for not getting vaccinated. Seen potential candidates from Nevada and SJSU’s HC, some coordinators (including Jeff Grimes, Graham Harrell, and their interim coach), etc.
  • ASU - Herm likely to get the can - performance and with looming investigations for recruiting violations
  • UCLA - Chip is solidly on the hot seat. 3 years and same old.

Solid ‘safe’ coaches: Oregon (Cristobal), Utah (Whittingham), Oregon St. (Smith), probably Stanford (Shaw)
Wearing out welcome? Cal (Wilcox in 5th season - not a ton of support for athletics so he does ok staying middle of the pack)
Still new: Washington (Lake in 2nd season, 1st full season), Colorado (Dorell - coach of year in 2020 but terrible this year; prior UCLA coach '03-'07), Arizona (Fisch - 1st time HC has a lot of work to do to rebuild program)