PAC 12 week 1 lines

Utah -33.5 vs Weber St. (Utes win but do not cover)
ASU -45.5 vs SUU (ASU covers because Herm is a dick)
CU - 35.5 vs. No. Colorado (CU wins but doesn’t cover)
KSU -2.5 vs Stanford (Stanford with the upset)
Oregon -20.5 vs Fresno St. (Oregon covers)
USC -14 vs SJSU (USC covers)
Purdue -7 vs Oregon St. (OSU loses)
UCLA +3 vs LSU (UCLA loses)
Cal -3 vs Nevada (Cal covers)
BYU -12.5 vs Arizona (Arizona loses)
WSU -17 vs USU (WSU wins but doesn’t cover)

Interesting line in the UCLA game. I honestly have no idea what to expect from them. It would be nice if either Stanford or Oregon St. could break through with wins on the road. I expect Utah, ASU, CU, Oregon and USC to have comfortable victories. Credibility is on the line for Cal and WSU. I suspect BYU covers.

Is BYU actually any good is my question on whether they’ll cover with AZ. I love Kalani and all he did at the U but he’s spent quite a few years now at the Y being a pretty poor and puzzling coach… plus not really doing great as an assistant coach outside of the shadow of Whittingham.

I know this very well may be me just being a rival fan, but last year proved nothing. With all the undeserved ‘hype’ around them right now (and the hype is solely driven by their fans and no one else) I actually wouldn’t be surprised to see them lose to Arizona. I don’t think Kalani has magically figured out the secret formula, they lost a lot of key guys and reading between the lines of an interview with Roderick had me feeling like the contest for starter wasn’t because they were amazing athletes. In other words, it sounded a lot like the talk he used to give here where it turned out both QBs were pretty mediocre.

We shall see, and the only reason I care at this point in the season is they SHOULD be our first real test of the season.


I think that line says more about expectations around Arizona than around BYU. Nobody expects Zona to be good in any way.


I’ve read Arizona has some experienced coaches who should know how to put together a team, but they’re brand new, the cupboard is pretty bare, they’re going to platoon QBs against BYU.

My hope is Arizona plays well enough to force BYU to show more than they’d like in Game 1. But we know Roderick & their personnel pretty well, anyway.


Based on talent alone, the Wildcats have a shot to beat BYU. The question is if transition pains get in the way of it.

The truth is BYU lost some key pieces from their cupcake run of a season last year. Reloading in their case is not necessarily that easy.

The game should be a dogfight to the end. Don’t expect a blowout either way.


New scheme, new coaching = AZ will play slower than their talent.

I really hope for a competitive game - so we’ll see more of what Roderick & Lamb have in their playbooks for the year - but I wouldn’t be surprised if the Cougs look pretty good against U of A.

They’re pumped, they want to have a great audition for the P5, etc. But I agree they’ve dropped off, no way to be equivalent at QB against non-G5 talent.

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It seems like the talent on last season’s byu team is a once in a generation situation for Provo. Here’s hoping U of A beats them, but Arizona is just bad right now so coogs squeak out a win.

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I think it was also a once in a generation schedule. After that season, every team in football should be trying to dumb down their schedule as much as possible. People were drooling all over BYU’s wins against really bad teams. If you can make it to the cusp of playoff conversation with that schedule, why should anyone schedule anything else?


Stanford, UCLA, Cal, Arizona are the most interesting games in the PAC12 this week in that order. (Well aside from Utah… but just thinking of the whole conference here).

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They were? I don’t remember them (or coastal Carolina) much above 15 or so.

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I read multiple articles talking about their playoff chances, and not all from Dick Harmon either.

What articles and what team are you talking about?

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Bill Connelly using his data has UCLA pulling the upset in week 1. I wouldn’t be shocked. Oregon State vs Purdue also looks interesting in another P5 game.

What is the over/under for pepperoni pizza from the Pie for the tailgate…or minestrone soup?

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I will be surprised if this happens. UCLA hasn’t been good in forever, and LSU is full of five star players.

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LSU sucked last year. Worst returning champ ever. Now, they are 5th in 247 talent composite to UCLA’s 23rd. LSU on the road with Coach O vs Chip Kelly. I think it could be interesting.

I’m more willing to believe that LSU’s bad season was a blip than I am willing to believe that UCLA’s bad 20 years is coming to and end. But maybe. You never know. They do have the talent.

I just hope that UCLA beats LSU, and then we kill UCLA.


I think that could happen.

I’m really thinking the Pac can change the narrative winning 70% of these games:
Cal at TCU
Oregon at Ohio State
Oregon State at Purdue
Stanford home vs K State
Stanford at Vanderbilt
Washington at Michigan
Arizona home vs BYU
Arizona State at BYU
Colorado home vs Texas A&M
Colorado home vs Minnesota
UCLA home vs LSU
SC at Notre Dame
SC home vs BYU
Utah at BYU

9 to 10 wins make the Pac 12 back to where they belong IMHO. This season I think OOC matters more than it has in 10 years due to the conference shake-ups.